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Unlocking Your Brow Potential: Crafting Your Perfect Arch with Microblading! New Shape, New You.

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

One question that's frequently asked here at Elite Enhancements is " How in the world do we come up with a new shape for my new ?". Well, luckily you've picked the BEST company in the Cleveland area who customizes each brow to every client. Elite Enhancements uses a the Diamond Mapping System to create the perfect shape tailored specifically to you!

Diamond Mapping

Microblading Mapping

Here is an example of the diamond mapping technique Elite Enhancements utilizes. No stencils, just plain brow customization for each client.

This method of brow mapping uses your unique facial topography to find optimal arch, edge, and end of your new brow. We use your existing brow area and enhance it, this is why its best to let your hair grow in as much as possible 2 weeks prior to your appointment so your brow artist can see your natural hair pattern. This outline will look bigger and more harsh than the finished product. Do not panic. Trust your artist. We believe here that its best of go a bit conservative your first appointment. We can always add to your brow but can never take away (without removal).

The mapping portion of your procedure takes the longest amount of time to complete. I always remind my clients "Brows are sisters not twins,". Symmetry is not a universal law of beauty.

Eyebrow symmetry

Which one of these photos are your favorite?

Photos A and C are mirror images of opposites sides of the face. These mirror images have ultimately distorted the natural beauty of this beautiful woman. Two completely symmetric sides to her face are disconcerting and are not perceived as normal.

There's a biological assumption that symmetrical faces are more beautiful than ones with uneven features. Is this assumption true or just another beauty myth? The truth is that NO ONES face is perfectly symmetrical and that goes for your brows as well! In fact, perfect facial or brow symmetry is not even desirable. Bone structure, tissue volume, and skin elasticity naturally varies from the left side to right side of your face which is perfectly normal and may even enhance attractiveness.

What were trying to covey here at Elite Enhancements is no one is perfect. We are not symmetrical beings. We can map and use every instrument available to us but sometimes there are some natural boundaries to creating 100% symmetrical brows. At the end of the day this is art and not a perfect science. Our mapping may say one thing but our eye says something different. Try to see your brows as sisters not twins. Appreciate the subtle differences from one side of your face to the other because this is what makes us beautiful.

Are you sold on receiving a microblading appointment from Elite Enhancements? Use the "Book Online" tab to lock in your appointment today! Questions? Contact us to get them answered!


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