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 Microblading Training

Elite Enhancements microblading
Image by Augustine Wong

Why Choose Us?

These live beginner's courses certify you in the Elite Enhancements method of permanent makeup. You will receive top-notch training using the most innovative techniques in the industry. All courses are available in person at our Stow OH location. 

Image by Augustine Wong
Cleveland microblading

3 Day Microblading with Shading Course


Ombre brow training

3 Day Ombre Brow Course


Cleveland ombre brow

5 Day Microblading and Ombre Brow Course


Image by Augustine Wong
Topics We Cover
  • In depth theory

  • Products

  • Depth & Retention

  • Stroke Patterns (Microblading or Combination Course)

  • Manual shading (Microblading or Combination Course) 

  • Machine Shading (Ombre Brow or Combination Course) 

  • Color Corrections (Ombre or Combo Class)

  • Skin Types

  • Mapping & Shaping

  • Business Startup

  • Live demonstration (1-2 live models)

  • Hands on training with both latex and live models (2 live models for Microblading or Ombre Brow Course, 4 Live models for Combo Course) 

All Courses include your certification and on-going mentorship!

Previous Elite Enhancements student? FREE REFRESHER COURSES are at your disposal! 

What Comes in Our Kit?

Every course comes with a complete kit to get you started! Elite Enhancements only uses the BEST products available! Your kit will include: 

  • Elite Enhancements Training Manual

  • Microblades (10) (Microblading or Combo Course) 

  • Mast Tour tattoo machine (Ombre Brow or Combo Course) 

  • Tattoo needles (10) (Ombre Brow or Combo Course)

  • Brow Daddy (2), Tina Davies (1) and  PermaBlend Pigments (2)

  • Supply Case

  • Practice Head

  • Practice Skin (3)

  • Cling film

  • Pre-Numbing cream

  • Numbing gel 

  • Alcohol wipes

  • Brow Grooming Kit

  • Brow razors

  • Disposable brow spoolies

  • Black wax sharpie pencil (with sharpening agent)

  • Baby wipes (non-scented)

  • Precision tip Q-Tips

  • Pre-Inked mapping string

  • Pigment rings

  • Micro swab tattoo brushes

  • Disposable lip stick applicators

  • Tattoo ink cups

  • Aquaphor

  • Wooden craft sticks

  • Tattoo cord covers (Ombre Brow or Combo Course) 

  • Self-adhering bandage wrap (Ombre Brow or Combo Course) 

  • Caliper

Microblading course
Image by Augustine Wong
Course Q& A

Do I need prior experience to take this course?

No experience is necessary for this course; however, 2 prerequisites are required before beginning. A blood borne pathogen and barbicide certificate are required to begin class. Information on these certificates will be given once enrolled. 

How many students will be in this course?

This is an intimate training course! I like to keep my courses small to ensure the success of my students! Courses tend to run one on one but in the event there are multiple students, no more than 3 will be allowed at a time. 

How do I pay for my course?

To secure your spot in class a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $500 is required. Deposits can be sent is Venmo, Zelle, or invoiced via square pay. The remaining balance is due by the first day of training. You can also pay the full price upfront or use our financing option.

I am interested in taking a course. What financing options do you have available?

Elite Enhancements partners with PayPal Credit to help our students finance courses. If using this service, you must have a PayPal account and be approved through their financing system. The credit allotment is determined by PayPal.  An additional fee of 3.49% +.49 is added to your financed balance if using this service. Please check out PayPal Credit FAQ’s here for more information regarding their program. 

After I take your course am I able to start working?

Once you’ve successfully completed a course with us will be given a certification.  This certification acknowledges that you’ve taken a permanent makeup course under our supervision, and you have the knowledge to perform the service. Certification can be given by private organizations. such as ours. To legally perform microblading services, you must work in a facility that has a Body Art Permit (this may be called something different depending on your location). Body art permits are licenses given out by the facilities local Health Department. This license gives individuals the permission to practice in a particular occupation or profession that is subject to regulation under the government’s authority.

You have one of two options. 

1. Obtain a body art permit yourself 

2. Work in a facility that already has their permit

Either way, a certification of completion aka apprenticeship is required.

Are you ready to join our Brow Squad? Fill out our Student Request form to get started with your new career!

Microblading Student
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