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Microblading, Microblading with Shading and Ombre Brow: Which Brow is Right for Me?

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Elite Enhancements offers three different brow procedures. Here's a breakdown of each to help you make the decision on what's right for you!


Microblading is our most natural procedure. Small hair stokes are added to the brow to make the existing brow more noticeable. If you zoom into this photo, you will see individual strokes throughout. This is a great starting place for anyone who is on the fence about getting the procedure. We can always add more definition or color from this point in future appointments. Microblading alone does not last as long as Ombre or microblading with shading. Front hair strokes tend to fade the fastest due to the skin being thicker and more usage of our muscles in the area.


Microblading with shading is our mid level brow. It combines microblading hair strokes with a manual shading technique. It is great for someone who likes a natural with a bit of makeup look. Hair strokes are created then the manual shading technique is done in between the hair strokes for some color. This style will last longer than microblading alone but hair strokes in the front do tend to fade faster than the shaded ends.


Ombre brow aka powder brow. Ombre brow is a makeup looked created using a tattoo machine. This procedure can be done Ombre or powder. Ombre is a gradual effect brow that is darker in the tails and lighter in the front. Powder brow would be the same color saturation throughout. This look will last the longest and have the least amount of upkeep. Elite Enhancements tends to recommend powder over Ombre as Ombre can sometimes fade a lot in the fronts. This procedure is recommended for oily skin and coverups. Also, if a color correction of previous work is needed, Ombre will have to be done.


We are here to help. Elite Enhancements believes in making every customer feel comfortable throughout the microblading process. During your initial appointment your natural brow area will be accessed. After this assessment, your trained brow artist will consult WITH you to see what it is you're looking for. Together, you make the decision on what microblading procedure would be best for you. Your brow artist will give you their professional opinion but ultimately it is YOUR choice.

So, relax, no pressure, this appointment is ALL ABOUT YOU!


We hope this explanation cleared up any questions you had regarding our microblading services! If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out! Still not sure about what procedure is right for you? Ask our experienced pmu artist for her advice!


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